Sleeping Dog Records

An Independent Internet Based Record Label

Sleeping Dog Records provides the best in new recorded music from the hottest of today's artists, covering musical styles from blues and rock to R&B and country. Sleeping Dog, an equal opportunity innovator, uses the power of the Internet to bring more music ... better music ... directly to you, from its base just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago is a well known birthplace of modern blues. What is less known is the ongoing, living, breathing, thriving, striving, scene that continues to evolve in this bluest of all cities.

Any evening, of any week - hundreds of the world?s best musicians ply their trade in bars, clubs, restaurants, concerts, on street corners, at parties, for weddings ? wherever a crowd can be cajoled to gather. The music they play is at the bedrock of American culture. It?s an art form that continues to change and grow. Modern blues defies boundaries and defines the bleeding cultural edge - while never wavering from the innate strength and dignity of its time honored tradition.

Blues covers all moods, occasions and demographics. Muddy Waters said ?the blues had a baby ? and they called it rock and roll?. But Mother Blues was more prolific than that. As it happens, she?s become the progenitor of all relevant American music. Any player who ever hoped to make bad things better has been a step child of the blues. And what the blues gives ? she also takes. What?s old is new. Modern blues has absorbed influences from every one of its musical offspring ?rock, jazz and gospel ? country, funk, R&B - even hip hop. Blues does not just cover the map. Blues IS the map.

By popular understanding, blues musicians labor in obscurity. It?s called paying dues. In the ancient 1960?s a handful of British rock bands made a few obscure American blues icons globally famous, although rarely rich. Since then, most living blues musicians have fully upheld the larger tradition of the starving minstrel.

Sleeping Dog records began as a labor of love to bring this music back to a broader audience. The company has since branched out to cover a broad range of musical styles and genres. We recognize that all branches of music spring from the root, and the fruit never falls far from the tree.
In the end ? it?s all blues.

Wisdom holds that sleeping dogs should be left to lie. But the wiser man knows that every dog will have its day. No dogs these ? but sleepers awakened. The train is rolling ? get on board.

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