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Sleeping Dog Records is an Internet-based record label providing the best in new recorded music from the hottest of today's artists. What began as a labor of love, to bring blues back to a broader audience, has since branched out to include a broad range of musical styles and genres. Current releases include Sharon Lewis with Under the Gun on their debut CD 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright, as well as Mother Blues with Gerald McClendon on their upcoming release 'Sleeping While the River Runs'.

Muddy Waters said ?the blues had a baby ? and they called it rock and roll?. But Mother Blues has been much more prolific. Any American musician who ever played, hoping to make bad things better, has been a step child of the blues. And what the blues gives she also takes. Modern blues has absorbed influences from every one of its musical offspring ? rock, jazz, gospel, country, funk, R&B - even hip hop.

We recognize that all branches of music spring from the root, and the fruit never falls far from the tree. In the end ? it?s all blues. Sleeping Dog uses the power of the Internet to bring more of this music ... better music ... directly to you.

Based just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

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